Heliosperic Variability Connected to the Solar Dynamo and Virial-Theorem

Ali Ajabshirizadeh1,2, Elham Bazyar1

1University of Tabriz,Faculty of Physics, Dept.of Astrophysics, Tabriz Iran
2Research Institut for Astronomy & Astrophysics of Maragha, Maragha Iran

The variability of solar irradiance directly corresponds to the solar activity and its Magnetic origin. We gave the exact solution of the Virial- Theorem with taking into account the magnetic Energy’s , Rotational Energy’s and kinetic Energy’s contributions too. The toroidal flow generates a toroidal field from the poloidal components of the magnetic field as a result of the differential rotation. So,the relevance for the solar dynamo is obvios. We have applied our results to the meridional motion from Tacholin layer under Convection Zone to surface latitudinal part. Calculated values of Energies (Gravitational,Magnetic,rotational) in terms of distance from 0.4 R-1.0 R have been discussed.