CMEs 'en Raffales' - Observations and Simulations

Cristiana Dumitrache

Astronomical Institute of Romanian Academy, Romania

A CME is triggered by the disappearance of a stable equilibrium as a result of the slow evolution of the photospheric magnetic field. This disappearance may be due to a loss of ideal-MHD equilibrium or stability such as occurs in the kink mode, or to a loss of resistive-MHD equilibrium as a result of magnetic reconnection. We have obtained CMEs in 'raffales' by a time dependent magnetohydrodynamic computations performed on three solar radii. A prominence eruption triggered these successive CMEs. Velocities of the CMEs are decreasing in time, from a CME to another. We present observational evidence for large-scale magnetic reconnections that caused the destabilization of a filament. These reconnections covered a half of solar disk and produced CMEs in squall.