Differential Rotation of Compact Magnetic Elements and its Possible Connection with Polarity Reversal of the Sun

D.R. Japaridze, M.Sh. Gigolashvili, V.J. Kukhianidze

Georgian E.Kharadze National Astrophysical Observatory at Ilia Chavchavadze State University, A. Kazbegi Ave 2a, Tbilisi 0162, Georgia

The differential rotation of the compact elements of the large-scale magnetic fields by using Solar Synoptic Charts (1966-1986) is studied. It is revealed that compact magnetic elements with the similar polarity of the polar magnetic field of the Sun have larger rotation rate than the elements with the opposite polarity at all stages in the cycle. From the comparison of the experimental measuring data of the solar magnetic elements there are received the results: 1) The differential rotations of the compact magnetic elements with negative and positive polarities have the similar behavior for the solar 20 and 21 cycles; 2) It is established that in the rotation rate of compact magnetic elements there are present some variations at the time of polarity reversal of the Sun. There is assumed that the physical understanding of the connections of differential rotation of compact magnetic elements and polarity reversal of the Sun depends upon establishing a connection between the temporal variability of spatially resolved solar magnetic elements and polar reversals.