On Electron Velocity Field of the Inner Corona

Iraida S. Kim1, Anatoliy I. Stepanov2

1Sternberg Astronomical Institute of Moscow Lomonosov University
2Pushkov Institute for Terrestrial Magnetism, Ionosphere and Radiowave Propagation Russian Academy of Sciences

Total solar eclipses experiments devoted to the inner K-corona in the range <1.5 solar radii, which is the single manifestation of electron component of coronal plasma in optics, are discussed in terms of electron velocity field study. Quasi-space totality sky brightness and the low-scattered light portable coronagraph-polarimeter allow toget the high accuracy I, U, and Q-Stokes RGB recording in the visual continuum. The 2D distributions of the polarization degree and the polarization direction are interpreted in the frame of scattering the photosphere radiation at non-relativistic electrons moving tangential and radial to the solar limb. Additional opportunity to search for radial velocity field of coronal electrons is presented by studying the color of coronal structures. The 2D distributions of the relative color index evidently reveal different color for different coronal structures, bluing effect in the most inner regions and reddening with distance. Interpretation in the frame of Doppler effect is suggested for non-relativistic approximation. Importance of the space white light corona observations in the range < 1.5 solar radius (the inner corona electrons) is emphasized for the space weather diagnostics.