Relation Between Coronal Type II Radio Bursts Parameters and the Associated Flares and CMEs

G. Pothitakis1, P. Preka-Papadema1, A. Hillaris1, X. Moussas1, C. Caroubalos2, C. Alissandrakis3, P. Tsitsipis4, A. Contogeorgos4, J.-L. Bougeret5, G. Dumas5

1Department of Physics, University of Athens, Greece
2Department of Informatics, University of Athens, Greece
3University of Ioannina, Greece
4Techical Institute of Lamia, Greece
5Observatory of Paris, France

We study a selected, medium size, sample of complex events; each includes coronal type II burst, occasionally followed by type IV continuum and, usually, preceded by type III electron injection. The radio events were recorded by the ARTEMIS–IV radio spectrograph, in the 100–650 MHz range during the recent solar maximum. The associated GOES SXR/Hα flare and SOHO/LASCO CME, from the SGD and the LASCO catalogue respectively, were examined; the radio bursts-flare-CME characteristics were compared. Based on this parameter examination, groups of events with similar behaviour tend to appear. We discuss these results and interpret them as indications of different shock generation mechanisms.