Universal Euclidean Forms Emerging by Remote Sensing of the Sun-Earth System

Gilberto Tisnado

Tecnofil S.A., Lima, Peru

It is generally understood that the Earth receives a full-spectrum of energy and particle emissions from the Sun and directly respond to it in a systemic way, thus creating the Magnetosphere, the weather and the climate in a unique multi-fold stabilized Life supporting environment. The author inserts here a working hypothesis: the Sun likewise being continuously bombarded by cosmic ray particles, in paucity and higher energy, but still a full-spectrum of waves and particles mostly coming from the galactic Center (only now a days he can say), to which has to responds in a systemic way too, thus creating the Heliosphere. Besides, it is accepted that the Sun controls the Space Weather at Earth orbit distances, mainly by its 11/22 year cycle, by its endogenous Heliosphere activity, and by traveling along the Galaxy with the Earth immersed. This focus in an absolute closed dependence that is a rather biased view, since most of time the Coronal holes are not geo-effectively located for plasma ropes to reach the Magnetosphere. Contrarily in a wholeness-locality overview, and the now when the Sun-Earth system is constantly sampled by remote proves and imagers, the whole scenario is view as integrating a giant Coherence Cosmic ray particle detector. (As presented in the Third European Space Weather Week).

Imagery and data from various satellites (SOHO, STEREO, GOES, etc.), observatories like Irkustk, Moskow etc, readily available on the net, were coherently Incorporated into a solid database. Time series for key parameters were run. Finally in the composite visualizations of the Solar corona, Space weather and tropical weather with astonishing similitude and simultaneity sharp linear traces emerge into the title of Euclidean forms. When inter-comparing the Sun vs Earth event occurrences leading as well as lagging situations occur, therefore in consistence with the: wholeness-to-locality foregoing outlook, the Author have concluded that both Solar and Terrestrial scenarios are results of a common cause: Galactic cosmic ray emissions events, more ubiquitous than previously thought. He even foresees two dimensional particulate cosmic radiation, edge side propagating as showers, mostly coming from the center of our Galaxy as modern Astronomy has recently found. Some samples of this preliminary study are presented.

Concluding, the theoretical grounds proposed to support the nature of the Solar-Terrestrial and Center of Galaxy scenarios assigned for the emergent Euclidean geometry phenomena were firmly given. Again, in a simpler Euclidean Geometry and Newtonian mechanics platform, without any loss of rigor nor of universality, the Author starts from the well known parametric intrinsic vector equations for the particles in motion. Firstly he shown that the physical requirements to attain maximum acceleration conduces directly to plane trajectories in accordance to the foreseen view (like in non relativistic shock front accelerating mechanisms, elsewhere proposed). The solved trajectories found are universally defined by its s, k, t, intrinsic parameters and their rate of change like ds∕dt, dk∕ds, etc, in a set of simple mathematical relationships. In where naturally the first equation to shown up was: t = 0.