Particle Acceleration and Turbulence in Heliospheric Plasmas

Rami Vainio

Department of Physics, University of Helsinki, Finland

Energetic particles permeate practically all heliospheric plasmas. They are generated in acceleration processes that are closely linked to the level and properties of turbulence in the plasma. Solar energetic particles, generated in solar flares and coronal shock waves, offer an example of an energetic particle population generated as a result of interaction of the charged particles and various electromagnetic field fluctuations. In many cases it is crucial to model the solar energetic particles and plasma turbulence as a coupled nonlinear system, where turbulent field fluctuations act as scattering centers and energizers of charged particles and the accelerated particles act as generators of plasma turbulence. I will review some recent theoretical results and observations, which help us form the link between plasma turbulence and particle acceleration at the Sun and in the heliosphere. My main emphasis will be on solar energetic particles and turbulence in the solar corona and inner heliosphere, but other particle populations and their relation to the heliospheric turbulence will be briefly reviewed as well.