Numerical Simulations of Wave Propagation in Magnetic Network

G. Vigeesh1, Oskar Steiner2, S.S. Hasan1

1Indian Institute od Astrophysics, India
2Kiepenheuer-Institute fur Sonnenphysik, Germany

We present 2-D numerical simulations of wave propagation in magnetic network. The network is modelled as consisting of individual magnetic flux sheets located in intergranular lanes. They have a typical horizontal size of about 150 km at the base of the photosphere and expand upward and become uniform. We consider flux sheets of different field strengths and different boundary-layer widths. Waves are excited by means of transverse motions at the lower boundary, to simulate the effect of granular buffeting. We look at the magneto-acoustic waves generated within the flux sheet and the acoustic waves generated in the ambient medium due to the excitation. We calculate the wave energy fluxes separating them into contributions from the acoustic and the Poynting part and study the effect of the field strengths and the boundary-layer widths.