On Magnetic Field Structure in Active Regions at Coronal Heights

V.M. Bogod1, L.V. Yasnov2

1Special Astrophysical Observatory, Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia
2Research Institute of Radiophysics, St.Petersburg State University, Russia

In this work we use the multiwave observations of radiotelescope RATAN-600 of the polarized radio emission of active regions in a microwave range for development of a method of determination of a magnetic field structure of active regions at coronal heights. Magnetic induction of about 1000 G have place at big enough heights in an atmosphere of the Sun (from 10 up to 40 Mm), that well confirms observations of magnetic loops in a ultraviolet, and also corresponds to the previous radio-astronomical measurements of a magnetic field at a level of transition region and corresponds within the limits of dipol model of a magnetic field to vertical gradients of a photosphere magnetic field.