On Spatial Variations of Magnetic Field and Superthermal Electron Distribution in Cm-Radio Burst Source

L.V. Yasnov1, M. Karlicky2

1Research Institute of Radiophysics, St.Petersburg State University, Russia
2Astronomical Institute, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Ondrejov, Czech Republic

We present a new method of an estimation of spatial variations of the magnetic field and superthermal electron distribution in solar cm-radio burst sources. The method is based on the analytical formulae for the gyro-synchrotron radiation and minimization of a difference between the theoretical and observed radio fluxes for several spectra of the same burst. Several solar cm-radio bursts are analyzed by this method. It is found that the measure of the spatial variations of superthermal electron distribution in the radio source is always greater than that for the magnetic .eld. In most cases these measures have minima at the beginning of cm-radio bursts.